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Lost & Found Project presents
Old New Year
Wednesday, April 26 at 7:30 – Saturday, May 13, 2017
Art345 Gallery
345 East 104 Street
New York, NY 10029

Tickets $18 – $35

“NYC’s newest immersive and innovative theatre troupe” (MTV News) the Lost & Found Project returns to the NY stage to present the world premiere of Boris Zilberman’s Old New Year, a Post-Modern Urban Faust,

Written by: Boris Zilberman
Directed by: Gera Sandler
Produced & curated by: Anya Zicer
Score & Sound design by: Alex Ryaboy
Costume & Set design by: Izzy Fields
Lighting design by: Cindy Shumsey

Staged in a non-traditional theatre space, with multiple playing areas, Old New Year is an interactive production that employs audience engagement and media to reimagine Faust for a modern-day audience. Taking place from the perspective of second generation Russian-Americans, this 3-week limited engagement is presented in English with Yiddish by FolksbieneRU, the Russian-Jewish youth division of the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene [NYTF].

In Old New Year, a group of unrelated strangers stuck in the mundane habits of NYC’s “rat race” long for fulfilled and successful lives, each with their own definition of happiness. One day they are all invited to a party by a mysterious benefactor who will offer them an easy yet uncomfortable deal of realizing their inner-most desires in exchange for forsaking their culture and identity as they know it.

The award-winning resident acting company of the NYTF, Lost & Found Project became a core affiliate of NYTF’s Russian-Jewish youth division, FolksbieneRU, in 2013. Lost & Found Project delves into the cultural psychology of highly assimilated post-Soviet Jews through the employment of experimental theatre, creating modern, multi-disciplinary stage productions based on documentary-like techniques.  FolksbieneRU is a partnership initiative of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and NYTF. All Lost & Found plays are in the authentic vernacular English of its characters.

Runtime: 100 minutes – no intermission

Limited run in NYC with only 14 performances!

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FoksbieneRU is a partnership initiative of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene.

**Lost & Found Project is an award-winning troupe, founded in 2011 as a multi-faceted theatre experiment by a group of young NYC-based actors and writers. Lost & Found Project is an experimental docu-theatre troupe that creates original stage productions based on the Verbatim technique. In our dynamic L&F laboratory, the sense of our past journeys collide with our objective reality, and our current experiences are in a struggle with the individuality of each story-teller. The process can be daunting and struggling, as we never know what the outcome may be, but we just have to trust the process. The goal of the project is to include the audience in our process and to allow them the opportunity to raise questions concerning their own identity and become more aware of their own history. Since the creation of Lost & Found Project, the troupe created and performed two original productions, nationally and internationally: ДOROGA (pron. DOROGA) (2011-2012), Covers (2013-2014), KNOCK (2015). SHAYNA (podcast available on Itunes), as well as a series of immersive pop-up theatre events throughout the city. The ensemble creates their work through a series of workshops, trainings and improv sessions, where we explore deeper human experiences through drama. In March 2013, Lost & Found Project became an affiliate and key program of the FolksbieneRU division, which is a partnership initiative of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and National Yiddish Theatre-Folksbiene.

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