FolksbieneRU Program Director

Gera Sandler is a theatre director, educator, actor, and producer. He graduated from the School of Performing Arts “Beit Zvi” in 1997, receiving six prestigious awards. For the past twelve years Sandler has been one of the leading actors in the Yiddish Theatre in Israel. Sandler’s film credits include “Jellyfish” (winner of three awards at Cannes Film Festival, including the “Golden Camera” award), “Stones”, “Dance Mom” (winner of first prize at the all-Israeli short film competition “Volgin”), “Children of the USSR” and over thirty other movies and series in Israel. Sandler is also a famous Israeli voice-over actor and director. In New York he directed “The Kind of Chelem” and “Old New Year” with Lost & Found Project, a company he has been an active member of since 2011.




FolksbieneRU Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Rebecca Karpovsky is an actor, theatre educator, and producer. Born in Boston, Rebecca was raised with Russian as her first language. She was involved with the local Russian Theatre group at a young age. Last year, she produced, co-wrote and starred in the feature, Pinsky, a film about a generation Russian Jewish experience. The film premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival in June 2017. Becoming a member of the Lost and Found Project (an affiliate of NYTF), Rebecca developed deeper ties to the Russian Jewish community of NYC as well to Folksbiene. Rebecca started working with Folksbiene as an educator with the Teen Drama LAB (created in collaboration with Lost and Found Project) in 2016. She fell in love with developing ensemble pieces and bringing personal experiences of these young innovative Russian Jewish teenagers onto the stage. Rebecca creates outreach and educational programs for the Russian Jewish community under the FolksbieneRU for families, teens and young adults.



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The Lost & Found Project is an experimental theatrical troupe, founded by Anna Zicer and a group of young Russian-Jewish actors in NYC. Through the use of verbatim technique in its original productions, Lost & Found cast unabashedly reaches into the depth of the Russian- Jewish American experience to vocalize the struggles and celebrate the successes, and ultimately help its audience connect with the communal sense of pride and belonging. To learn more about the troupe and its productions please visit