KOMPOT is a series of interactive get-togethers for Russian-Jewish families including music performances, hands-on experiential workshops, storytelling, and theatre performances for families with children.

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DELI BOOKS is an original and captivating musical production for kids (2-8) and their families. The story we follow in the play is about one Jewish boy who has acquired too many books and for some reason, he has no time to read them. So what does he do? He decides to EAT them. What Happens from there?

Families will get to see how the boy gets physically sick from all the books in his belly. His dad comes home to him barely able to move. Together, the boy and his dad discover how much pleasure one can get from simply sitting down and reading. The books they look include new twists on classic Jewish themes, like Today is the Birthday of the World, Bim and Bom, 3 Falafels in My Pita and so many others. Filled with stories and lessons from PJ Library books, Deli Books engages kids to get excited about reading and learning about Jewish themes and characters.

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The show stars FolksbieneRU’s and award-winning Lost & Found Project’s theater performers Gera Sandler and Rebecca Karpovsky along with the original musical composition by Alex Ryaboy.

DO YOU WANT TO BRING DELI BOOKS SHOW TO YOUR COMMUNITY? The play has both a Russian and English version, making it accessible for a vast array of communities across the US. The whole show is about 35 minutes. It is also highly compact with a  crew/cast of three (and four when traveling out of town) along with a travel set. The set and equipment come with the package for the production. Addition technical costs per venue and travel costs do apply.

When the show was originally mounted, it also featured an interactive crafts activity where children and parents took the themes from the play with a teaching artist/educator made their books from scratch! The books highlighted what inspired the kids the most from the play and also gave them something to take home. This element would require a separate professional educator and a budget for craft supplies. The craft element would take an hour all together.


Cost: $1350+ (max. 2h drive from Manhattan, not including arts activity).