prod-shaynaSHAYNA …a New York story caught between two worlds

An audio drama in three acts / Podcast by Lost & Found Project

Lost & Found Project explores a new direction with a new audio drama – “Shayna”, which examines the journey of a young singer-songwriter in New York who can’t catch a break. She is estranged from her brother and ailing mother, stuck in dead-end relationships, and stalled creatively. But when a beautiful, haunting melody lodges itself in Shayna’s mind, it unearths a family mystery and a century-old injustice that only Shayna can make right.

What is Shayna’s connection to the dybbuk of Jewish folklore? Where has her mother disappeared to? What happened between two sisters in a Russian shtetl at the dawn of the twentieth century? And why is Shayna harassed by an online stalker?

“Shayna” is partially based on personal stories of actors of the Lost & Found Project. Visit our VERBATIM page to learn more about the technique we use to develop our work.

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