The Golden Bride

“Deeply Satisfying”
-The New York Times (Critics’ Pick)

“A touching time capsule of hopes and fantasies”
-The New Yorker (Critics’ Pick)

“Effervescent entertainment”
-Time Out NY (Critics’ Pick)

“See The Golden Bride. You should only enjoy it!”
-NY Magazine (Best of Summer Pick)

“The Golden Bride shines…an immigrant story that never gets old”
-NY Daily News

“Fast-stepping, endearing”
-The Village Voice

“The hottest ticket below 42nd street”

“You won’t want to miss [The Golden Bride]!”

“Back and better this summer!”
-Fox News

“an incredible journey”

“freilach (joyous)…get a ticket already!”

“A masterpiece of the ages, a triumph for the ages to come”
-BBC Radio

“the unexpected hit of the summer”

“A magical example of musical-theater”

“Charming and poignant”
-Huffington Post

-Theatre’s Leiter Side

“Splendid and joyful”
-Theater Pizzazz

“A wonderful, delightful, cheerful performance”
-Plays to See

“A lavish production”
Bob’s Theater Blog

“Joyful immigrant fantasy”
-On Stage