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Yiddish Women Playwrights Series awarded grant

NYTF is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $25,000 grant from a Private Family Foundation of New York to support the Yiddish Women’s Playwrights Series

The series is the brainchild of NYTF’s Literary Manager, Sabina Brukner, who, in investigating the history of NYTF, discovered that female authors were severely underrepresented in the canon of Yiddish dramatic theatre.  This led her to a detailed research project to first identify who these authors were and then to read, transliterate and translate their work.  The goal of the festival is to introduce audiences to authors they likely do not know and to widen the canon of Yiddish literature to include these amazing women playwrights.

These play readings stream on our virtual platform, nytf.org/live in Yiddish, with English subtitles.  We have found that play readings are particularly effective using this medium, and, most importantly, more people are able to access them than if we were to do them in person.

The first of this series premiered in April 2021 with Chava Rosenfarb’s drama of the Vilna Ghetto, Der Foygl fun Geto (Bird of the Ghetto), to positive reaction and widespread viewership. It was the first time the play was ever produced in the language in which it was written, Yiddish.

The next play in the series, Kadye Molodowsky‘s Ale Fenster tsu der Zun (All the Windows Face the Sun), will be presented this winter, with additional new plays to premiere in the next year by Miriam Karpilove, Marie Lerner, and others.

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Kadya Molodowsky

Kadya Molodowsky’s
Ale Fenster Tzu der Zun
(All Windows Face the Sun)

Streaming Starts
June 21, 2022