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Interview with Judge Guido Calabresi

A member of the Finzi-Contini family.

NYTF and NYU’s Casa Italiana are proud to bring you this interview with Judge Guido Calabresi, a member of the Finzi-Contini family.  This fascinating interview, conducted by Casa Italiana’s Director, Stefano Albertini, is presented in conjunction with NYTF’s joint production, with the New York City Opera, of The Garden of The Finzi-Continis.  In it, Calabresi describes his family history and his reaction to the various incarnations of the Finzi-Contini story: in the novel by Giorgio Bassani, the 1970 film by Vittorio De Sica, and the premiere of the new opera by Ricky Ian Gordon and Michael Korie.

Guido Calabresi is a Senior United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. He is a former Dean of Yale Law School, where he has been a professor and beloved teacher since 1959.  He is the son of the late cardiologist Massimo Calabresi and European literature scholar Bianca Maria Finzi-Contini Calabresi (1902–1982). Calabresi’s parents, active in the resistance against Italian fascism, eventually fled Milan for New Haven, Connecticut, immigrating to the United States in September 1939.

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