Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish

Our Staff

Zalmen Mlotek: Artistic Director
zmlotek AT nytf.org

Dominick Balletta: Executive Director
dballetta AT nytf.org

Motl Didner: Associate Artistic Director
mdidner AT nytf.org

Steve Ross: Marketing Director + Design
sross AT nytf.org

Sarah Jae Leiber: Communications & Social Media Associate
sleiber AT nytf.org

Toney Brown: Digital Marketing Associate
tbrown AT nytf.org

Cameron King: Patron Service Manager
housemanager AT nytf.org

Joseph Mace: Director of Development 
jmace AT nytf.org

Shayna Fishkin: Associate Director of Development
sfishkin AT nytf.org

Jacklyn Henley: Director of Operations and Events
jhenley AT nytf.org

Michael B. Costa: Director of Production
mcosta AT nytf.org

Dylan Bartlett: Asstistant Director of Production
dbartlett AT nytf.org

Jamibeth Margolis: Casting Director
jmargolis AT nytf.org

Meredith Hoddeson:  Casting Assistant / Assistant Company Manager
mhoddeson AT nytf.org

Dan Pallotti: Finance  Specialist
dpallotti AT nytf.org