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(Nov 20th, Nov 27th, Dec 4th, Dec 11)

Hosted by Toney Brown, NYTF Radio serves to educate listeners on the history of Yiddish Theatre and Jewish performative culture. Season One, consists of four episodes that will trace the early history of Yiddish Theatrical Performance in Europe: from Purim Plays, to Avram Goldfaden and The Sorceress, ending with a shift of focus to the early days of Yiddish Theatre in America. 

Featured guests include, Professor Joel Berkowitz of University Wisconsin Milwaukee (Shakespeare on the American Yiddish Stage), author Nahma Sandrow (Vagabond Stars: A World History of Yiddish Theatre), Artistic Director Zalmen Mlotek, Actor Mikhl Yashinsky, Associate Artistic Director Motl Didner, and longtime company member Itzy Firestone.

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