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January Special Edition:
Soul to Soul and The Investigation (feat. Bryan Doerries)

Air Date: Jan 15 2019
In today’s special edition episode, we talk about our upcoming events centered around Social Justice. We talk about our concert Soul to Soul (An Annual MLK Jr. Tradition). Then we sit down with Theater of War Artistic Director Bryan Doerries to talk about his company, the audience’s role in a theatrical performance, and their staged reading and town hall discussion of Peter Weiss’ The Investigation.

Season 1 Episode 4:
Boris Tomashevsky and the Vagabond Stars (feat. Nahma Sandrow)

Air Date: Dec 25 2019
In the final episode of the first season we will learn about Yiddish Theater coming to America in the late 19th century.  We sit down with scholar Nahma Sandrow author of Vagabond Stars: A World History of Yiddish Theater. We learn about a determined 14 year old boy who hatched an idea to put on a production of Avrom Goldfaden’s The Sorceress. Yiddish theater in America had finally arrived.

Season 1 Episode 3:
The Making of the Sorceress
(featuring: Zalmen Mlotek, Motl Didner, Mihkl Yashinsky)

Airdate: Dec 14 2019
In this episode, we interview Zalmen Mlotek, Motl Didner, and Mikhl Yashinsky, three artists who played major roles in bringing The Sorceress from page to stage through NYTF’s Global Restoration Initiative: identifying and presenting essential operettas, musicals and plays of the Yiddish Theater for today’s audiences.

Season 1 Episode 2:
The Life and Works of Avrom Goldfaden (Featuring: Prof. Joel Berkowitz)

Airdate: Nov 27 2019
This episode is all about the life and works of Arom Goldfaden, the father of Yiddish Theatre. We are joined by Professor Joel Berkowitz from the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We learn about the Haskalah or Jewish Enlightenment, and how it shaped his upbringing. We discuss his time in Iași, Romania where he founded the first professional Yiddish Theatre company. Then, we explore his time in NYC until his death in 1908.

Season 1 Episode 1:
Purim Spiels (feat. Motl Didner)

Airdate: Nov 19 2019
Our first episode is all about Purim spiels, comic re-dramatizations of the Book of Esther. The book of Esther tells the story of the Hebrew woman Esther who becomes Queen of Persia and thwarts the genocide of her people by the evil Haeman. We will be joined by NYTF Associate Artistic Director Motl Didner who will give us a history of the earliest form of Jewish theatrical performance. Then stick around for our recurring segment Ask Itzy with the longest tenured member of the Folksbiene Itzy Firestone.

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About the Show

Hosted by Toney Brown, NYTF Radio serves to educate listeners on the history of Yiddish Theatre and Jewish performative culture. Season One, consists of four episodes that will trace the early history of Yiddish Theatrical Performance in Europe: from Purim Plays to Avram Goldfaden and The Sorceress, ending with a shift of focus to the early days of Yiddish Theatre in America. 

Featured guests include, Bryan Doerries (Artistic Director, Theater of War), Professor Joel Berkowitz of University Wisconsin Milwaukee (Shakespeare on the American Yiddish Stage), author Nahma Sandrow (Vagabond Stars: A World History of Yiddish Theatre), Artistic Director Zalmen Mlotek, Actor Mikhl Yashinsky, Associate Artistic Director Motl Didner, and longtime company member Itzy Firestone.