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Upcoming Broadcasts


Thursdays at 7:30PM ET

Zalmen Mlotek “Living Room Concerts”
Special Program: Songs of Civil Rights and Freedom


Tuesdays at 1PM ET

15 Minute Yiddish
A Weekly lunch and learn with Motl Didner; adults can learn the basics of Yiddish conversation – no Yiddish experience necessary – in 15 minutes!


Wednesday, June 10 at 7:30PM ET

From the Bronx to Broadway
Rebroadcast of a conversation with legendary Broadway Producer Emanuel “Manny” Azenberg, moderated by acclaimed journalist Budd Mishkin.

Theatre Quiz

Wednesday, June 17 at 7:30PM ET

Vos-Ver-Vu: The Great Yiddish Theatre Quiz

Are you a shmendrik, a maven, or just cravin’ for some education? Test your knowledge of Yiddish theatre and related topics (no prior knowledge necessary!) and play for prizes at an amusing quiz show prepared and hosted live by Yiddish theatre personality Mikhl Yashinsky. Laughs, trivia, a glittering tune or two — why stay away? Unlike questions you’ll hear at the Great Yiddish Theatre Quiz, that’s one you could not possibly answer…!


Wednesday, June 24 at 7:30 ET

Eyner Aleyn: Great Yiddish Monologues

Comic and dramatic monologues from Moyshe Nadir, Mikhl Rosenberg, and selections from The Dybbuk by S. An-Sky. Featuring Motl Didner, Lea Kalisch, Rebecca Keren and Eli Rosen.

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–Joel Grey

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