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NYTF Radio speaks with Rachel Blaustein

Rachel Blaustein explains her personal relationship to Holocaust stories, as well as the way she developed her performance as complicated ingenue Micòl Finzi-Contini.

NYTF Radio Episode featuring Rachel Blaustein

We had the opportunity to speak to Rachel Blaustein, who leads the cast of The Garden of the Finzi-Continis. The opera opened Thursday night to a sold-out crowd and a hungry audience grateful to be gathered in a theater together once again. 

Blaustein tells us about the way she got to know the story of the Finzi-Continis and the way she felt learning about the Jews of Ferrara, Italy who were murdered during the Holocaust. The granddaughter of survivors, Blaustein also shares how working on Finzi deepened her relationship to her family’s past.

Praised for her “brilliant lyric soprano and apparent ease” (San Diego Story), Rachel Blaustein is poised as a bright and up-and-coming artist, with a moving sensibility to drama and text. 

The Garder of The Finzi-Continis
January 27 – February 6, 2022
More information and tickets HERE

Season 23/24

Starts October 18, 2023

Nov 14 – Dec 10, 2023

Stay Tuned for Dates

Stay Tuned for Dates

The National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene stands in solidarity mit undzere brider un shvester in Eretz Yisroel.

We condemn this brutal attack against Jewish men, women and children as they woke up to celebrate Shabbas and the end of our holiest days.  Fifty years and one day after the Yom Kippur War and only 80 years after the Shoah we cannot understate the seriousness of this attack on Jews. 
An attack on one Jew is an attack on all.

Am Yisroel Chai

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