Refund & Exchange Policy


  1. Ticket exchange and refunds will only be considered if tickets were purchased directly from NYTF. You are not eligible for an exchange or refund from NYTF if you purchased through a third party. You need to contact third parties directly to request refunds.
  2. If ticket buyers are feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, have been exposed to anyone with Covid-19 within 14 days of their visit, or been instructed to self-isolate within the last 10 days, we ask that they stay home and contact us a minimum of 4 hours prior to show time to discuss rebooking options. 
  3. THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT EXCHANGE AND REFUND REQUESTS IS 48 hours BEFORE THE ADVERTISED performance DATE AND TIME. Any requests received after this deadline are not eligible under the terms of this policy.
  4. All exchange or refund requests must be submitted online by visiting: NYTF Refund and Exchange Form It is the responsibility of the guest to provide accurate information when submitting the request.  Any incomplete or inaccurate information may cause the request to be delayed or denied.
  5. The guest making the request must be the original purchaser and will need to validate ownership of the original purchase (i.e. name, order number, e-mail address, method of payment, etc.) when submitting the request.
  6. For approved refunds, a credit will be issued to the original method of payment the guest used to make the original purchase. 
  7. For approved exchanges, the tickets may be exchanged solely for different performances of the same production for which the tickets were originally purchased, subject to availability, blackout dates and promo restrictions. The amount of money paid on the original ticket will be applied to the exchanged ticket. Any difference in order total will be adjusted upon completion of the exchange. Any credits to be issued will be issued to the original method of payment the guest used to make the original purchase.  If there is additional money due, the guest needs to pay this amount before the exchange is completed.
    1. Additional money may be due if (1) a guest chooses a performance or section that costs more than their original purchase; (2) a guest exchanges an originally discounted ticket into a performance where the discount is no longer available or applicable; (3) a guest exchanges an originally discounted ticket into a performance where the discount price is higher; (4) if a delivery method is chosen that requires an additional payment.



  1. For tickets purchased at the box office, a first and last name along with a minimum of an e-mail address or a phone number must be associated with purchase for the tickets to be eligible for an exchange or a refund. Any tickets purchased at the box office without an associated first name, last name, e-mail or phone will not be eligible for an exchange or refund.
  2. New special offer, discount and promotion codes may not be applied to exchanged tickets. The ticket exchange will be for the same ticket type and offer that was originally purchased, subject to blackout dates and availability. If a discount and/or promotional offer is not available for the newly requested performance, a refund will be issued for the original purchase and the guest will proceed with a new transaction to purchase the newly requested performance.
  3. Tickets that have been transferred to another party may not be exchanged or refunded by any party other than the original purchaser. If the tickets have been transferred by the original purchaser, the tickets must be transferred back to the original purchaser prior to the original purchaser requesting an exchange or a refund.
  4. Approval and/or determination of eligibility of any exchange or refund request is at the sole discretion of NYTF management. All decisions are final.
  5. A request is considered submitted after the online form is filled out with accurate information and the guest is presented with a confirmation message that the request was submitted. Any inaccurate information will need to be remedied prior to the request being officially submitted.  If the amount of time it takes to remedy the inaccurate information causes the submission deadline to pass, the request will not be eligible for consideration under the terms and conditions of this policy.
  6. Complimentary tickets are not eligible for an exchange or a refund under this policy.
  7. Performance dates, times, prices and cast are subject to change without notice.
  8. Other restrictions may apply. This policy may change without notice.

For exchange or refund requests that do not meet the requirements of this policy, please contact NYTF Customer Service:  [email protected] or 212-655-7653