A Virtual Concert
Celebrating the Revival of Yiddish
in Culture, the Arts, and Learning Across the Globe


Available on-demand

Monday, July 26th at 2 PM EDT 


Friday, July 30th at 2 PM EDT

Presenting Hits from Award-Winning NYTF Productions

Fiddler Afn Dahk
Fiddler On The Roof in Yiddish

Di Goldene Kale
(The Golden Bride)

On Second Avenue

Di Yam Gazlonim!
Yiddish Pirates of Penzance

Amerike The Golden Land

Soul to Soul

The Megile of Itzik Manger

Kids and Yiddish

Honoring Zalmen Mlotek’s 50-Year Career
Dedicated to Yiddish Music and Theatre
… and 70th Birthday!

For over 50 years, Zalmen Mlotek has been a leader in the revival of Yiddish music and culture. Under his stewardship, NYTF has become a global force in preserving the history of Yiddish and bringing the language and culture to new generations—both those who have familial connections to the language and those who never heard it spoken before.

Zalmen sat down with journalist Budd Mishkin to discuss his journey, from his parents and their passion for Yiddish, to his decision to make a career in Yiddish theater, to the ground-breaking production of Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish. 

Zalmen has lifelong roots in Yiddish. His parents built notable careers in Yiddish culture. His own decision to pursue a career in Yiddish theater is a continuation of “the family business” that not only honors his parents and their work but also protects and promotes a culture that was nearly decimated.

Today, “there’s more interest in Yiddish and Yiddish culture all around the world,” Zalmen says. “Thanks to the Yiddish language classes and klezmer festivals and Yiddish festivals going around—we’re benefiting from that and contributing to that Renaissance.”

A Yiddish Renaissance is a culmination of this revival and a celebration of what’s to come.

Bringing Together 140+ Performers of All Ages

Bob Ader
Aaron Alexander
Glenn Seven Allen
Michael Alpert
Zoë Aqua
Jennifer Babiak
Nanci Belmont
Alan Bern
Joanne Borts
Alexandrina Boyanova
Stuart Breczinski
Lauren Brody
Mark Broschinsky
Rebecca Brudner
Mendy Cahan
Clyde Daley
Peter DelGrosso
Josh “Socalled” Dolgin
Charlie Dresdner
Johnny Dresdner
Sruli Dresdner
Michael Einav
Lisa Fishman
Cantor Magda Fishman
Audrey Flores
Elise Frawley
Alexandra Frohlinger
Kirk Geritano
John Giesige
Brian Glassman
Abby Goldfarb
Sarah Mina Gordon
Joel Grey
Samantha Hahn
Stephen Mo Hanan
Richard Harrell
Stacey Harris
Cantor Netanel Hershtik
Jordan Hirsch
Avi Hoffman
Jackie Hoffman
Dmitry Ishenko
Maya Jacobson
Cameron Johnson
Josh Johnson
Daniel Kahn
Andrew Keltz
Rebecca Keren
Ben Kiley
Sophie Knapp
Rebecca Levy
Ben Liebert
Daniel Linden
Shura Lipovsky
Frank London
Joseph Mace
Dani Marcus
Stephanie Lynne Mason
Lisa Mayer
Evan Mayer
Laura Melnicoff
Avram Mlotek
Elisha Mlotek
Ravi Mlotek
Sarah Mlotek
Zalmen Mlotek
Rosie Jo Neddy
Oren Neiman
Raquel Nobile
Tony Park
Tony Perry
Rachel Policar
Jonathan Quigley
Daniella Rabbani
Nick Raynor
Bruce Rebold
Eleanor Reissa
Grant Richards
Allen Lewis Rickman
Jenny Romaine
Bruce Sabath
Peter Saleh
Marissa Mlotek Schonbrun
Hannah Scott
Kayleen Seidl
Drew Seigla
Adam B. Shapiro
Merlin Shepherd
Polina Shepherd
Yelena Shmulenson
Valeriya Sholokhova
Jake Shulman-Ment
Lorin Sklamberg
Steven Skybell
D. Zisl Slepovitch
Dinah Slepovitch
Jodi Snyder
Steve Sterner
James Monroe Števko
Deborah Strauss
Ron Tal
Matt Temkin
Ira Khonen Temple
Lauren Jeanne Thomas
Una Tone
Bobby Underwood
Cantor Jeff Warschauer
Tatiana Wechsler
Michael Winograd
Mikhl Yashinsky
Rachel Zatcoff

Alumni of HaZamir:
The International Jewish Teen Choir

Liat Abada
Benjamin Atwater
Shachar Avraham
Nathaniel Bear
Yael Beer
Maya Behiri
Mira Davis
Max DuBoff
Gabi Faye
Joshua Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez
Zoe Grossman
Sam Joffe
Sophie Lee Landau
Devra Laserson
Talia Lefkowitz
Juliana Lynch
Emma Maier
Dena Kaye Phillips
Samuel Rosner
Joshua Sauer
Benjamin Sokol
March Szechter

The Yiddish Renaissance is in Full Bloom

A Yiddish version of Fiddler on the Roof becomes the surprise hit of the off-Broadway season (and before COVID, was set to tour China and Australia, in addition to a 32-week national tour). The Netflix show Shtisel masterfully incorporates Yiddish to ensure authenticity. Festivals across the world bring together thousands of people annually to celebrate it. Duolingo, the award-winning language education app’s new Yiddish course has over a quarter of a million active users.

Yiddish is a language that has been a central part of Jewish culture around the world for a millennium, and while the Holocaust threatened to wipe it out along with all Jews, its resurgence in recent decades is proof of its endurance and unifying force.

“Yiddish is in our blood, in our faith, in our love of music and literature and art, in our cadence, and in our humor,” says Motl Didner, Associate Artistic Director of the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene (NYTF) and producer of A Yiddish Renaissance. “It brings together Jews from diverse backgrounds, as we see in the audiences of our productions. It is our mame-loshn—even those of us who cannot speak it can still feel it.”

To celebrate this Yiddish renaissance, NYTF is presenting A Yiddish Renaissance: A Virtual Concert Celebration this summer, bringing together more than 140 actors, singers, and musicians from across the globe—four generations of performers, from 8 to 89 years old. The event will include hits from award-winning NYTF productions, featuring casts from Fiddler Afn Dakh (Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish), Di Goldene Kale (The Golden Bride), On Second Avenue, Di Yam Gazlonim (Yiddish Pirates of Penzance), Amerike The Golden Land, Soul to Soul, Kids and Yiddish, and more.
“Yiddish went into a decline after the Holocaust, as English, Hebrew, and Russian became the main daily languages of Jews around the world. Though it waned, Yiddish persisted because it has never been just a language,” Didner says.

"Yiddish has not yet said its last word. It contains treasures that have not been revealed to the eyes of the world. It was the tongue of martyrs and saints, of dreamers and Cabalists—rich in humor and in memories that mankind may never forget. In a figurative way, Yiddish is the wise and humble language of us all, the idiom of the frightened and hopeful Humanity."

Nobel Laureate, Isaac Bashevis Singer

From theatre performances in Yiddish, to klezmer bands playing at jazz festivals, to the popularity of Shtisel and Unorthodox, and excitement around online classes like Folksbeine’s “15-Minute Yiddish” lessons during the pandemic—enthusiasm for Yiddish continues to grow as people across generations connect with their Yiddishkayt.

Fiddler Afn Dakh’s wild success was, in part, the result of taking a quintessential American musical about the Jewish experience and reconnecting it to its roots in the untranslatable wit and wisdom of the original Sholem Aleichem Tevye stories.

Mark your calendars and join us to celebrate all things Yiddish during A Yiddish Renaissance: A Virtual Concert Celebration, debuting Monday, July 26, 2021 at 2:00 PM (ET) and available to view through Friday, July 30, 2021 at 2:00 PM (ET). The event will also honor Zalmen Mlotek—and his 50-year career dedicated to Yiddish music and theatre—on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

Listen to NPR’s 1A

A Language With Chutzpah: Yiddish And American Culture”
January 22, 2020  4:43 PM ET

– Segment Directors and Editors –

Joanne Borts

Motl Didner

Ben Liebert

Stephanie Lynne Mason

Elisha Mlotek

Merete Muenter

Tony Perry

Eleanor Reissa

Allen Lewis Rickman

Adam B. Shapiro

– Master Editing by Ensembles Online –
David Gershon
Judy Gershon
Jared Gershon
– Musical arrangements by –
Frank London
Zalmen Mlotek
D. Zisl Slepovitch
– Event Producer –
Motl Didner
– Associate Producer –

Jacklyn Henley


Available on-demand

Monday, July 26th at 2 PM EDT 


Friday, July 30th at 2 PM EDT

A Yiddish Renaissance is a benefit and fundraiser event for NYTF.

We wish to express our gratitude to the Performers’ Unions:





through Theatre Authority, Inc. for their cooperation in permitting the Artists to appear on this program.

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