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What do you get when you mix award-winning musicians, delicious food, and a good helping of can-do Chanukah spirit? It’s a recipe for success! So: prepare your hearts (and stomachs) for ESN, a streaming event set for November 28 release.

ESN is a celebration of Jewish food created by Frank London and Lorin Sklamberg of the Grammy Award-winning Klezmatics and Sarah Gordon.

Part music, part cooking demonstration, ESN will remind you of the value of family and the deliciousness of food. It exists at that intersection. Good family doesn’t come without good food, and vice versa. 

ESN hails from creators Frank London and Lorin Sklamberg alongside Yiddish Diva, Adrienne Cooper z”l. Cooper was a singer, a musician, and a great champion of Yiddish theatre and music. She passed away in 2011. Frank and Lorin will be joined by Adrienne’s daughter, Sarah Gordon.


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Kadya Molodowsky

Kadya Molodowsky’s
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Streaming Starts
June 21, 2022